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3D Fins - best selling surfboard fins, featuring our patented Dimple Technology - https://3dfins
Weight: 0.28 kg
Dimensions: 21.5 cm × 18.5 cm × 2.2 cm
3DFINS is a world leader in high-performance surfboard fins. When the company was founded in 2011, we had one specific goal in mind, to design the best surfboard fins in the world. 3DFINS are designed for surfer by surfers, in one of the world’s surfing capitals, Australia’s Gold Coast. It’s a perfect location for research, development and testing of this innovative new surf fin design. Our prototypes have been put through serious trials by our team of top riders in all types of conditions, from a friendly 1 foot beach break to 20 foot plus beasts and monster slabs. It all starts with our patented Dimple Technology, the same as you find on golf balls. Dimples provide two main benefits, they reduce drag and improve lift. With that in mind, we applied this technology to our high performance surf fins. When you reduce the drag on your surfboard fins, you gain more speed, huge drive in your turns, which most importantly, helps you keep your speed. Maintaining your speed in turns, keeps you in the wave’s sweet spot longer, extending your ride and making them more enjoyable. From the moment you take off you'll feel more speed, more drive and more control.your first ride, you’ll definitely feel the increased speed, drive and control these fins give you and will agree that 3DFINS are the best surfboard fins on the market. 3DFINS are perfect for any level, age and size surfer. Most models are available in FCS or Futures bases in twin, thruster, quad or 5 fin sets. Don’t let your fins hold you back. GOHARD!